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Bibles are the best selling books in the world, and its formats are not only paper based, but Online or audios. Especially, English Bibles are the most read with each country's first language.

However, most of their qualities are standard or low, because of their mass production. Therefore this page recommends Cambridge Bibles, the highest quality and the oldest Bible publisher in the world.

Each materials for Cambridge Bibles are crafted with carefully quality control, and the leather used in bindings are used only selected top qualities. In Addition, each paper are finished more thinner than ordinary published books. More information are published in Binding Materials, and Glossary.

Cambridge University Press began to publish the Bibles in 1591, and it continue to publishing the finest Bibles in the world.

The Cambridge Guarantee

Cambridge Bibles are unconditionally guaranteed for life against defective materials or workmanship of any kind. Each Cambridge Bible has been made with skill and care from the best and most appropriate materials. Treated with reasonable care and respect as befits a well-made and valuable article, it will give years of use.

The cover material used in the binding of fine Bibles is a natural product, and many of the binding processes still require craft techniques and skills, so making each leather Bible unique. However, if any customer has reason to believe that a Bible suffers from defects in materials or workmanship and that its condition is not the result of normal use or damage after purchase, they should return it to the place where it was purchased. We will arrange to inspect it and, if a replacement is warranted, we will provide one free of charge.

Cambridge University Press

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