King James Version

One of the traditional English Bible Versions, published in 1611.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth I, James VI the king of Scotland became the king of England as James I. He decided to publish a new Bible translation, and assembled the scholars from Cambridge and Oxford to hold a conference at London in 1604.

A new version of the Bible was referred from former English Bibles, such as "the Bishop's Bible", and it published in 1611 as the Authorized Version.

Afterwards, it spread to the United States, and it was commonly known as King James Version.

Revised Version

In 19th Century, Authorized King James Version had already been getting old fashioned, thus it was revised by 50 scholars, and completed a new translation called English Revised Version (commonly known as Revised Version). Published in 1894.

Today, only Cambridge publishes this Bible as a interlinear edition with KJV.

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